Text Messages now Available!

Crew Manager software has been updated to add text messaging notifications in addition to the emails  to meet the need for those who rely on text messaging as the primary communications source.  If you desire to receive SMS text messages from the J/109 URSA website for Event Reminders, Cancelation Notices, Results Posted, Comments and New or Updated Posts, …

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One Button Adds the Boat Calendar to Yours!

There is a handy feature built into the crew website that allows adding the boat calendar to your own.  This means you don’t need to type in the schedule manually.  It will show all boat events displayed on the website calendar.  This feature supports most electronic calendars including Outlook, Google, Apple Calendar and a universal Export to XML version.  …

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Directions for the New Crew Website

A tutorial is available for the crew that provides an explanation of website features available, and how to use the crew management portion of the website.  This has pictures and a bulletized list with explanations.  If you submit a change in your availability for a scheduled event, the Skipper is automatically notified via email.
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Crew Members – Set Your Password & Availability

Crew members added to the new J/109 URSA website are provided directions for setting their password, updating their profile and setting availability for events. Below are directions on how to log in for the first time and set your password. If there is a problem logging in and setting your password, please email the Skipper for help! …

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URSA has a new team website!

We are introducing a new team website for 2018.  Initially this will have a calendar listing all the events.  Each event has the crew availability uploaded to the new site for display in the calendar post with integration of the crew signup feature that is now available.  An email notification feature with upcoming events is included.  …

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